Communications from the Desk of the President – November 5, 2015

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Dear Colleagues,

I hope that this letter finds you in good health in light of the widespread infliction of the Chikunguyana Virus (Chik-V) across Jamaica. This virus is really taking a toll on the level of productivity in our nation and because of this, my prayers are with all of our stakeholders who have been negatively impacted including teachers, parents and students; may you recover quickly. Now is the time for everyone to rally around our schools and ensure that our children continue to receive the highest level of education that they deserve.

This current school year September 2014 – 2015 is very special to us  as JISA will be celebrating forty-five years as an umbrella body for private schools in Jamaica. This is no small achievement and for this we must be grateful. Among other things, forty-five years of existence indicate that private education is a very relevant concept in Jamaica, and at this time of moral decay in the nation, our offerings become even more critical and needed as we seek to develop citizens and leaders of pristine values and character.

Colleagues, let us continue to run with the vision which the Good Lord has placed in our hearts, in spite of the challenges and obstacles which face our various institutions. Let us try not to give up or to lose faith. Jamaica needs the private schools to be functional now more than ever before.

We have made it a priority to give God thanks through the staging of our National Celebratory Church Service which will be conducted at the Bread of Life Ministry in Vanity Fair, Linstead (next to Linstead Fire station). We begin at 9:00am and I want to personally invite your school to be represented.

The JISA administration is working assiduously to make this event successful and we need your presence to make it work.  As principals you may not be able to attend due to previous commitments, but I’d like to encourage you to send a representative from your institution.

I have also attached with this communication, a letter to the church leaders connected to your schools, your staff, your students and your parents. This is in an effort to make this weekend one of prayer for the private education movement in Jamaica. The concept of private education is currently under threat and we must not take this threat lightly at all.  This letter suggests areas of concern which can be lifted taken into consideration as we pray for our private schools in Jamaica.

Please ask your stakeholders to request of their church leaders to pray for us this weekend as some will meet on Saturday while others will meet on Sunday.

I am also asking all schools to lead a prayer for private schools during your General Assembly this week – most preferably on Friday morning. This same letter can be used as a guide.

Thank you for taking time to read this communication and I am looking forward to your kindest considerations going forward.


May God bless you richly,

Wesley Boynes

President/ Jamaica Independent Schools Association

Letter to Ministers and Church Leaders from JISA President

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