GSAT Message From the Desk of the President.

Photo - Wesley Boynes President JISA


Dear School Leaders, Teachers, Parents and Students,


The two days that you have been waiting for are finally here. The sitting of the



Unfortunately, the GSAT has turned out to be more than a mere assessment of

the progress of our students, which was the original intent. It has turned out to

be a high-stakes test that has the potential to severely stress out teachers,

parents and students. However, it is what it is and we just have to deal with it.


I want to congratulate all of the school leaders and teachers who have worked so

hard to educate the children at our schools and now it has come down to this

week. I know that you have done your best and the results, which will be

released later in the year, will only make you fell proud and fulfilled. I am very

confident that our children will not let you down. Keep up the good work.


I want to congratulate the parents as well who have been with the children,

supporting them all along the way over the years and ensuring that they have all

that they need in order to be properly educated. I want to say to you, well done,

try to relax, do not make any drastic change to your life this week. Just try to be

normal and remember that you are not the one taking the test.


Finally, I would also like to encourage all of our students and I want you to

remember some things:


  • Remember that you have been to school for many years preparing for this

exam. You have been well prepared by the excellent teachers who have

been with you not just in Grade 6, but from your first day at school.

  • Remember that nothing in the next two days of tests will be new to you.

The GSAT will only be based on what you have learnt at school.

  • Relax! Relax! Relax! Do not be anxious. The more relaxed you are, the

more you will be able to focus and function at maximum levels.

  • Remember, that you are not alone. The Lord is with you and you will be

able to do mighty things through Christ who strengthens you.


May this week be a highly successful week for all of us and may God continue to

bless our schools.


I will see you soon.


Pastor Wesley Boynes

President/ Jamaica Independent Schools Association.

Jamaica Independent Schools' Association
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