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Every private school offering education below the tertiary level and is registered by the Ministry of Education can become a member of JISA.

Categories of member schools include:

  • Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten
  • Preparatory
  • High Schools
  • Vocational Institutions
  • Continuing Education
  • Special Learning Centres


JISA has established a Secretariat which serves as a centre for:

  • dissemination of information
  • provision of guidelines
  • data collection
  • co-ordination of activities planned by the Association (i.e.. sporting competitions, annual general meetings, conferences, workshops)

JISA will:

  • provide effective stable leadership through the Executive body
  • secure funding for major projects
  • serve as a point of reference for its members
  • make representation to the Ministry of Education and negotiate on behalf of member schools

and from time to time:

  • Obtain discounts and best prices for educational and other services (i.e. health insurance)
  • provide networking opportunities both nationally and internationally
  • liaison between member schools and government agencies as well as the private sector
  • Advocate for benefits afforded public educational institutions (i.e. GCT exemption, training for teachers, duty free concessions on school buses)
  • represent members on private and public sector bodies (i.e. Overseas Examination Commission, Ministry of Education Independent Schools’ Committee)
  • Provide leadership training for private school administrators
  • Provide professional development programmes for teachers in private schools
  • assist members with keeping abreast of best practices, current knowledge and cutting edge technology

Requirements to become a Member

Instructions for Registration for new & renewing Membership

The following should be submitted as well as the completed JISA Membership Application Form 2017-2018

  •  Proof of registration from the Ministry of Education. (New Members Only)
  •  Membership fee, based on the schools’ population

20 – 100 students       $8.000.00

101 – 200 students    $10,000.00

201 – 450 students    $13,000.00

451 – 700 students    $15,000.00

701 and over                $17,000.00

Cheques are to be made payable to the Jamaica Independent Schools’ Association.
Deposits may be made directly to the JISA Account #302741522
at NCB Half-Way-Tree Branch. 

A copy of the receipt should be faxed to the JISA office at 978-0705
or submitted to the JISA Office.

Jamaica Independent Schools' Association
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