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Wesley C Boynes – President




Dear Colleagues,

We have come to the end of another year in our lives and for this we must all be thankful. If it weren’t for the Lord on our side, then surely, we would have been swallowed up by all of the challenges which came our way during 2015. We were not and for this, we must all be thankful.


On behalf of the Executives of JISA, I would like to express thanks and profound appreciation for the continuation of the excellent work and contribution of our private independent school leaders and their various teams to the nation-building process. Generally speaking, our private schools continue to perform very well, in spite of the harsh economic conditions that form the context of our operations. You continue to be passionate about what you to. You continue to make numerous sacrifices and doing without, in order that our children will receive an excellent foundation to be successful citizens, both on a national level and also on the global stage.



This year has been very significant for private schools in light of the historic declaration of JISA Week in November by the His Excellency, Sir Patrick Allen, Governor General. The significant work of private schools in Jamaica was highlighted. Private education formed the foundation of the educational process in Jamaica and will continue to do so for a very long time. I want to encourage you to keep this responsibility in mind at all times. Do not ever give in to the feeling that we are the “second cousins” of the education process in this nation. In fact, you are the spear head so aim straight and fire after your targets. You can succeed because the Lord is with you.


As we go into the second term of the 2015 – 2016 school term which forms the first quarter of the New Year, 2016, I would like to reaffirm the commitment of the JISA Executive to continue to serve our Association with Excellence. We have a highly committed team of remarkable school leaders who have made their lives available to sacrifice on behalf of you our dear members. They do what it takes to find the time outside of their normal duties at school to ensure that JISA continues on the path of being an organization of excellence; operating according to the highest moral and ethical practices. They are all volunteers and for this they must be applauded.


The New Executive Team for the next two years are:

  • President:                         Pastor Wesley Boynes, Chairman, Northgate High School
  • Vice President:                Cecile Jarrett, Principal, St. John The Baptist Preparatory
  • Secretary & Region 2    Velda Thomas , Principal, Gospel Chapel Preparatory
    Coordinator:                              School
  • Treasurer:                         Sherifa Brock-Lewin, Principal, Sacred Heart Academy
  • Assistant Secretary:       Pauline Nicholson, Principal, St. John’s Preparatory
  • Assistant Treasurer:       Miss Cecile Palmer, Principal, St. Theresa Preparatory School


  • Member & Region 1
    Coordinator:                     Miss Carol Blanchard, Principal, Mona Preparatory School
  • Region 3 Coordinator:   Shane McLean , Principal, Northgate High
  • Region 4 Coordinator     Kirk Campbell, Chairman, Jabneh Christian Academy
  • Region 5 Coordinator:    Faithlyn Wilson , Principal, El Instituto De Mandevilla
  • Region 6 Coordinator:    John-Mark Hastings, Vice Principal Hastings Academy
  • JISA National Sports       Miss Trudy Hardy, Principal, Lannaman’s Preparatory School
    Committee Coordinator


  • Floor Member: Miss Gloria Francis, Principal, Meadowbrook Preparatory School
  • Floor Member: Paulette Francis-McGregor, Principal, Liguanea Preparatory  School


Apart from engaging our duties in managing the organization in the best possible manner, this team of volunteers will continue to diligently represent your interests as private schools in a number of ways, including, but not limited to serving in a robust manner in the following external committees:


  • National College for Educational Leadership: Cecile Jarrett.
  • Overseas Examination Commission: Wesley Boynes.
  • Independent Schools’ Committee: Wesley Boynes.
  • Independent Schools Policy Committee: Faithlyn Wilson.
  • Diaspora in Education Committee: Jaron Whitley (Kingsway Prep & High School, JISA Member).
  • The Jamaica Teaching Council: Yvonne Brown (Executive Director)
  • The ICT in Education Committee: Shane Mclean
  • Civic, Citizenship and Culture in Education Programme: Gloria


sportsThe benefits of the JISA Sports Programme are well known and we are laying the foundation for national expansion through our various regions. All of our schools and their wonderful athletes will now have access to the plans that are being rolled out.




IMG_0064Officials from the Ministry of Education and other major stakeholders are taking note of the significant representation that JISA has been contributing on behalf of the private education sector in recent times. In fact, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has been very impressed and is actively encouraging all private schools to be a part of JISA. We are very grateful for this display of confidence in us by the MOE. I can firmly and confidently declare that the sarcastic and age-old question of ‘what is JISA doing for us?’ no longer applies and has become an irrelevant position for any school leader to assume at this time. The JISA Executive is working very hard. The results are beginning to show and every private school should really become a part of JISA since no other voice represents your interests in this way, especially at the policy level.


Colleagues, in light of this commendable effort by our team of volunteers, I am now calling upon all our schools to do the right thing – pay up your membership dues ASAP and regularize your membership in JISA. Many of our schools have been benefiting without contributing to the upkeep of the JISA office. In most instances, our executives and regional coordinators have to finance their own transportation and refreshments expenses in order to represent and to lobby for you in many meetings. Many other volunteers, who are not mentioned in this communication, are digging deep into their own resources in order for you to enjoy a wonderful experience when you attend our various events and other JISA initiatives. Colleagues, it is not right to enjoy the benefits of proper representation without contributing your resources to the proper upkeep of the systems which undergird this representation. It is undeniable that you are being well represented and served by this Association. This situation has resulted in a major strain on what little financial resources we have managed to put together. Colleagues, please, we have to do better. Do the right thing and update your membership.


In closing, I want to remind all of you that our God is faithful. He can do it again. Do not lose heart. Let us unite. Let us speak with one voice. Let us build “JISA 2.0″ together and all of our schools will benefit.


May God bless you richly. I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the next JISA General Meeting scheduled for the 18th of February.


Have a blessed and prosperous 2016.


Sincerely Yours,

Pastor Wesley Boynes – President

Office: 1876-978-0705 – Kingston.

Office: 1876-974-8616 – Ocho Rios

Cell: 1876-579-5007.

Skype: wesley.c.boynes.


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